By Mary Williams

Winter is just around the corner and some families are busy testing if the electric blanket bought and used during the last winter is still in good condition while others are rushing to the shops to buy for the whole family what they consider to be the Best Electric Blanket. This is indeed important as a protective measure against the chilly condition just about to set in. Not everybody has gotten an opportunity to use such electric blankets may be because they do not know what they are. So what is an electric blanket? It is a blanket fitted with an electric heating element a rheostat for regulating it to the desired temperature. They can either be blankets or mattress pads that provide uniform warmth without adding any layer upon layer of bedding. These blankets use low voltage wiring making them very safe.

If you are wondering how to find the Best Electric Blanket that meets your needs then you need to not worry. First of all it is important that you consider choosing from the many styles and types that are available in the market today. Some of the things to consider based on your preference and taste may include durability, heating quality, style and of course comfort. Some other factors to consider may include the warmth, ease of use and even energy efficiency. Each type has its benefits and limitations. Like some people may prefer the herringbone style, the sturdiness of box weave while others may go for the soft and familiar feel of fleece. Whatever your tastes and preference is, there must be something out there that will always fit your needs. Of course snuggling into a warm bed is a happy feeling for all during the winter months in the cold in all countries experiencing such.

If factors such as the warmest, easiest to use and the ones with the most energy efficient are considered then the top five Electric Blanket Reviews without the use of any additional covers would be as follows; The Sunbeam Luxury MicroPlush Heated Blanket that most people say has a plush microfiber fabric, good at maintaining constant temperature, no shrinkage or change in appearance after washing. It also has 10 settings with energy use on the low end at 8 cents per night and is machine washable. Perfect Fit Plush Warming Blanket was rated highest overall appearance, has super soft fleecy polyester fabric. It maintains its temperature over time but takes a longer time to heat to 70 degrees. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from and uses only 7 cents per night of electricity. The Sunbeam SlumberRest RoyalMink Blanket has satin binding that promises no cold spots and 10 different settings. It has a unique technology that monitors temperature. There is the Sealy Heated Blanket with ultra thin wires that cannot be felt the fabric though the consumers do not like the scratchy fabric of the blanket. The Soft Heat Health Solutions Blanket doesn’t get as warm as others but uses only 7 cents of electricity per night. These are some of the Electric Blanket Reviews from customers.

It is important to have an electric blanket, they are worth the warmth! Choose the best from the best for the whole family.

You can learn more about this topic in the electric blanket wikipedia page.

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